Business Feature: Coffee Through COVID

By Bryan Hyun

Daily essentials are becoming less available as Covid-19 continues to spread across the nation. From toilet paper shortages, to empty Walmart isles, the American consumer has faced tremendous difficulties throughout the past 11 months. However, amidst the pandemic there has remained a single elixir quenching everyone’s satisfaction: coffee. It’s a Grind Coffee House is located in the heart of Cerritos, CA on 13295 South Street. The local brewery provides an immaculate ambiance, perfect for morning sips of coffee, or sweet pastry delights. The calm, saturated atmosphere allows students to flourish with productive music and fresh smells to compliment the scholar. As one enters the store, they are greeted with several bags of coffee beans, proving the authenticity of It’s a Grind’s home ground coffee. Coronavirus has presented various obstacles for the business; however with the combination of durable employees and strong management leadership, their coffee will continue to brew. 

This last weekend I was given the opportunity to interview Daniel Lee, a veteran employee for It’s a Grind. Given his history working for the company prior to the pandemic, I was presented with quality information regarding the major changes and struggles the business endured. Lee has shown admirable dedication towards the coffee house’s success, as he completes his shift with a positive attitude hand in hand with his high efforts. He is currently a student attending Cypress College, and his favorite part of the job are the customer interactions.

David spoke regarding the beginning of the pandemic, such as the severe safety precautions the business had to take in order to simultaneously maintain quality cuisine and a Covid-free environment. Coronavirus inflicted heavy damage towards the store’s customer foundation, as the indoor ambiance was one of the more appealing aspects of the location. To best overcome the virus regulations, It’s a Grind developed sanitary outdoor seating options, and furthermore implemented a delivery service through the utilization of DoorDash. When cases grew in Southern California, the coffee shop had to adjust both the menu and the staff to best accommodate the unique circumstances. The access of coffee was not an issue, given that the company roasts their own beans on-site. The store additionally had to change bagel suppliers, and remove pastries from the menu due to reliable bakeries temporarily closing. The prices for most items on the menu slightly rose, which did not have a significant impact on the customer behavior.

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