Business Feature: With Love, Adelle

By Ashley Lee

At a young age it seems like there isn’t much we could contribute to our society. However, through weaving delicate wires around colorful jewels, Adelle Amor has found a way that she could make a difference.

It all began, November 2019, in her senior year of high school when a sudden spark of creativity hit her in art class. 

“I was scrolling through Pinterest, saw a pair of wire earrings, and thought to myself, ‘I could totally make these…’ and then I did.”

Just like any other business, she thought that her work wasn’t perfect but that it surely was a start. With that, she began to create while being inspired by anything she thought was pretty or “in at the moment.” 

“Right now, I’m loving pearls, sage green, and anything in that same vibe.”

While many small businesses may be struggling due to the pandemic, Adelle has been growing her business by bringing it onto social media platforms. Using one of the most active social media platforms, Instagram, she created a page for her new business, “With Love, Adelle.” 

“With all my free time, I can create and post as I go along. I love sharing my work with people and other creators!”

Although it has been less than a year, she already has over 1k followers on Instagram that continues to grow everyday. Working mostly online, she hasn’t faced many challenges caused by the virus. However, Adelle admits that she has some struggles. 

“I did receive a following that grew and grew. I’m in desperate need of a business refresh–new logo, packaging, maybe an Etsy.”

Last June, Adelle became aware of the Black Lives Matter protests and looked for a way that she could contribute. Using her platform, she was able to donate over $1,000 to the Black Visions Collective, an organization that helps build up Black communities and the Du Nord riot recovery funds. 

“I was able to raise this large sum of money with my initial earring funds and matches to give to the Black community.”

In the future, Adelle sees herself expanding her business, “With Love, Adelle,” into a website or an Etsy, as well as improving her product quality and packaging experience for her customers. By keeping her small business, she is able to have “a little side hustle as well as a creative outlet” for when she becomes an elementary school teacher in the future.

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