Business Feature: Athenian Burger

By Presley Hendrix

Coming up short when trying to make the most money you can for your family can be a huge struggle for many people. Taking up a restaurant and cooking for hundreds of people each day is how some people get through this struggle. Receiving generous amounts of satisfaction from customers each day is something many restaurant owners want to achieve. Striving to make the most perfect meal each time you turn on the stove top, is a commitment that chefs need to have. Making a customers day when greeting them, and creating a nice bond, is something so important to keep them coming back. Having a committed staff facility is something that is needed to run a business. 

This is exactly what Jose Pelido, the owner of Athenians Burgers, in Buena Park, continues to do everyday.

“Owning a family business is not easy, but with the help of my seven staff members that I can call my family, each day, I am able to create and run a successful business that helps feed thousands of people each year.”

Pelido has a total of seven crew members running his restaurant, some of which are actually related to him. Seeing the same faces each time you walk into this restaurant–for over a decade straight–lights up a smile on many customers’ faces. 

“Every morning I prepare my fresh food, and make sure that our seating is at its best.”

Having a very clean restaurant to enjoy amazing food in is key to owning and creating an eatery.

“Making sure that everything is up to date, and everybody on my crew is able to make it safely to work, is a large key to opening up.”

Keeping customers happy and satisfied is the main goal when cooking for them.

“You’ll receive people here and there that aren’t pleased with your meals, and that’s okay. To succeed you must fail, and it’s all about listening to the feedback of others. After owning this business for over 30 years, you face your battles, and you’ll get to go through some of your greatest moments of life working here, but it’s all worth it in the end knowing that you’ve done what has forever made you happy.”


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