Edward Scissorhands (1990)

By Frank Diaz Jr.

Tim Burton’s 1990’s Edward Scissorhands is one of Tim Burton’s best movies, even better than Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie makes me want to go back and watch other movies made before I was born. So this movie takes place in Lutz, Florida where it’s really the “American Dream.”

No one knew who lived in big dark mansion up in the hill for years until one person, Peg, was curious to see who was in the mansion. He learns that someone has been living in this mansion, a person with scissors for hands who wears a black leather clothes, pale skin, messy black hair, scars and cuts on his face, and scissors for hands, and his name is Edward. A shy, doleful, artistic and an outsider. Despite the way he looks and his perceived misbehaviors, he has a heart of gold. This movie blends in with the 90’s with a mid-country aesthetic. The kids and teens today who haven’t watched this might find themselves a little confused by some of the trappings of life in 1990. The fact is that this film is a modern fairy tale which tells a good story and creativity is most of all important to a fairy tale.

the interesting thing about this story is that we don’t know anything about the main character. He stands out as a mysterious person who has lived in the mansion all his life. We get no back story about him other than he is a nervous  outcast who doesn’t know anything about living or being normal because he has never experienced anything outside of the mansion. Having a character that we know nothing about is a good thing because it gets the viewers interested more in this story. Another thing about this movie that makes it so memorable is the music: every scene the music always fits in the scene the dramatic music is in the right scene which adds more belief. We get to know more about Edward throughout the film as he learns something new everyday about the town and the people; and he is able to make a living with his perceived disability. Edward meets Pegs’ daughter Kim, who is an important character in this movie. No one does more for Edward than Kim as she grows tired of everyone treating Edward like a tool and misjudging him just because he is different. Burton acknowledged the self discovery and isolation and also appreciate what we have, never stop learning, and acceptance the acting in this film was good, Johnny Depp’s acting is the best because he gets into the character so well. In fact, all the acting was great. There are so many parts to remember about this movie. Some parts are funny but there’s more story than jokes and comedy. It’s like reading a book but with visuals. If Ii had to say something about this movie without giving any detail it would be it’s an enjoyable, well told, mysterious ride. 

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