Sports are getting rebranded next year

By Naya Shah

This past year, schools, small businesses, bars, restaurants and even amusement parks have been met with a challenging obstacle of shutting down. More specifically, students got to miss out on the majority of their sports season due to COVID and, because of that, many districts are trying to find ways for  students to return full time to their sports. 

For high school, the rules that are being applied still are working out together as there are more factors such as spectators, the other team players, and even how many coaches are allowed to be at their games. 

“For Cerritos High specifically, programs are planning to resume with minimal COVID related issues. We are currently staffed at a level commensurate with non-COVID summer conditions,” said Coach Rob Adams. 

As this goes, Cerritos is one of the many schools that will start to open up more and will be able to have a semblance of normal throughout the upcoming school year. Through this Coach Adams is able to determine what factors will help to shape sports in the individual outcome for the students. 

However, when the new sports year comes around there are still some areas that will prove challenging throughout. One of the major concerns will be the staffing issue as the pandemic has caused many coaches to either look for other work if they are part time or to change their career if they are interning somewhere else. Because of this, staffing for the sports will be challenging, and due to the pandemics effects, the  scheduling will prove difficult not only for the coaches but for students as well. As students start to return to other normal activities such as their school, the sports commitment that they will have to give may interfere with some other responsibilities that they have picked up due to the pandemic.

While sports will definitely be highlighted in the new school year, there is still one of the most important issues that families and the student body are facing and that is the issue of spectators attending.  Coach Adams has speculated that there might be some essential people attending which can include some family members; however, he said “It is still too early for ABCUSD to be able to make foundational protocols and policies reflective of the future COVID related situation. The most informed authorities are hopeful that we will be returning generally unrestricted with the exception of masking being required.” 

As this goes there is still no definitive way of telling how many spectators there will be nor the amount of people allowed to attend games. 

In total, sports are definitely returning to campuses in the near future and for the future of Cerritos it looks as though there is still hope for our sports to return to some semblance of normal after this year.

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