2021 Senior Wills

I, Kaelyn Kudo, leave my definitely good grades to my least favorite junior, Dean Clinton.

I, Alexis Manalastas, leave my Computer Science memes to my wonderful Co-Prez, Roshini Rangarajan.

I, R Quirarte, leave my trademark secret, the password that unlocks to the cool people of the incoming, junior, sophmore, and possibly the freshman class.

I, Hallie Rodriguez, leave the theater’s control booth to my sophomore friend Susanah Maestas. I leave my impeccable fashion sense to my sophomore friend, Evan Cardozas, and I leave my bad sense of humor to the last sophomore, Emmanuel Cevallos.

I, Elijah Ting, leave Honey, the jazz band guitar, to one of the best guitarists Cerritos has ever been blessed with, Anika Anchary. I also leave the last of my good high school experiences to someone who truly changed my life, Jesselle Marana. Finally, I leave the continuous grind to the new Chikara board, good luck Dons!

I, Joshua So, leave my athletic grit and overpowering academic competitiveness to my son, Ethan Wong. I leave my loud leadership skills and my luck in college admissions to a junior who was just like me, Mintri Ngo. I leave my hopes and dreams for the next CIF Boys Volleyball run to this year’s freshman varsity member, Charlie Oh. I leave my cuddly and huggable personality to my favorite Ibarra, Caleb Ibarra, and I leave the legacy of the So Family Volleyball Dynasty to the future captains of the team, Ryan and Logan So.

I, Thrisha Senthilnathan, leave my long lost tennis racquet and balls to my favorite tennis team, my biomed Ecoli lab to Mr. Park, and my locker and everything else to my brother .

I, Aira Isabelle Alonzo, leave my block starts and shin splints to my junior friends, Ashley Walker, Monet Jenkins, and Essence Johnson. I leave my after school long naps, Discord calls, and excessive TikTok DM’s to my favorite freshman friend, Natalie Morgia. Lastly, I leave my PCN pictures and vlogs, as well as late night practices to my junior friends, Rosemarie Valencia and Jess Garcia.

I, Julienne Ancheta, will to my best friend, Jessica Garcia to not feel lonely during her senior year of high school because I will be there to pick her up after my own classes. I leave to her also my motivation and grit so that she can finish off her last year strong.

I, Tahiya Nashik, hereby leave Bryan Fan the job to teach everyone in theatre to dab people up. I, Tahiya Nashik, hereby leave Susannah Maestas the job to humble Evan Cordoza and keep him in check.

I, Alana Franchesca Cruz, leave my legacy to the returning members of next year’s Yearbook staff. I also leave my love of history with Mr. S. Armstrong’s incoming APUSH class.

Put together by Journalism Club Vice President Joshua So.

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