How we study matters

By Mia Donatucci and Rihaan Raj

Whether it’s our teachers, peers, or parents, we have all heard that studying is important for our education. As students, we know that good grades are vital to graduate high school and to get into college. However, some students don’t seem to utilize this skill. There can be countless reasons as to why studying isn’t fundamental in their lives, but they should learn and try to change this habit. 

So why don’t students study? Often, it can be due to outside school activities, hanging out with friends and family, being on the internet, or  lacking willpower. Nonetheless, there are many ways to help enhance students’ studying skills.  

“The study environment is important. Have a desk free from distractions. You shouldn’t have anything that would derail you from studying,” said Mr. Kato, Biology teacher. “Try to put yourself in your teacher’s shoes. What questions would your teacher ask? As a teacher, what is the main concept I would want my students to learn? Quiz yourself.  Try to think proactively.” 

“The best way to study is to look through your notes. Look through homework and classwork examples,” said Mr. Baumler, Math teacher. “I think this would be an effective way to study because all tests are created off of what you’ve been doing in class and out of class and so using those worked examples is a great way to go just to kind of check and make to make sure you understand all the topics.” 

“I try to find worksheets, flashcards, or Quizlets,” said Natalia Becaria, Freshman. “They’re just extra things to help me remember and review.” 

There are many different examples on how to study, and everyone uses different techniques to achieve good grades in their classes. However, some students don’t study but still get the grades. 

“I don’t think it’s necessarily good or bad. My hope is that those students who don’t need to put in as much effort can find something that they’re really interested in,” said Mr. DeLange, English teacher, “I think the most important part is being challenged, and pushing ourselves further.” 

“It makes me think of fixed mindset vs.  growth mindset,” said Mr. Stevens, English teacher. “ A lot of students who think they are smart have a fixed mindset, and that holds them back. So I would like to tell these so-called fixed mindset smart kids who know everything and don’t study, to try something challenging. Do something worthwhile with their life.” 

Of course, studying isn’t needed 100% of the time, but it can be useful. 

“I think studying really helps,” said Aidan Lee, Freshman. “What happens with a test if you don’t understand the topic? You’ll just be stuck at a question without knowing how to do it.” 

Overall, studying will be needed in our future within our school lives. People should study if they want to achieve excellence in their grades. They may not like what they are learning or relate to the topic, but they should still try. Giving their best effort in school is important to get a quality education. 

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