The Breakfast Club is a movie you won’t forget

By Ariana Casas

Saturday,March 24, 1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois. 60062. The 80s are yours, Shermer, Illinois, Saturday detentions–you are a student again. 

From the start we get to know the main characters and their “true selves”; Claire–the princess, Bender–the criminal, Andrew–the athlete, Brain–the brain, and Allison–the basket case. However, as they are forced to spend a nine hour detention together, they are forced to interact; finding that they are not so different from each other in the end as they reveal their authentic selves, removing the masks that they hide behind and opening to their new, but real friends. 

“The Breakfast Club” is unlike other 80s teen comedy-dramas with the usual, “I love you… no, I love someone else.” lines. The movie deals with language and feelings that everyone can relate to. Director, John Huges, truly understands the emotions of our teenage selves, allowing people who see themself as unrelatable and feel alone to find a relatable place of comfort and security when introduced to the truth behind the characters. 

“The Breakfast Club” is the perfect movie to relax to and immerse yourself in the high school drama and problems in Shermer, Illinois in the mid 1980s. Despite there being no large action scenes nor plot twists, the character interactions make up for it all.The interactions between the characters are God made.

Whether you are in a crying or happy mood, the music is able to connect to your emotions. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, the main song in and associated with the movie, can be used to cry your heart away, or dance the night away. Whatever mood you are in, the playlist has you covered, amplifying your emotions and the movie’s scenes. 

A potential drawback  that needs to be stated is how addictive the movie is. If you do not have the time to think about a movie and watch it a couple times a month, DO NOT WATCH “The Breakfast Club.” When first watching the movie, I was not prepared to watch it as many times as I have. By the end of the movie, you will become so invested in each character’s life that you will want to know what happens the very next day. And that leads to a frustrating aspect: there are so many questions that are raised after watching. One thing John Hughes should have done differently was make a sequel. It would answer those questions raised throughout the movie. 

One viewing is not enough to satisfy your craving for more. Once you watch “The Breakfast Club”, you’ll feel compelled to watch the movie time and time again. 

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