Q & A: Mr. Pak

By Isabella Garcia Where is your family from? Korea. How old are you? Old enough. Whats your favorite thing about you? I am a nice guy. If you could survive off of three types of food for the rest of your life, what would they be? Rice, meat and vegetables. What hobby is your favorite? … Continue reading Q & A: Mr. Pak

3/14 Walkout: A Success?

Minal Patel, 12th grade Q: Did the walkout seem successful? A: Yes, because people driving by were honking and acknowledging our cause, and nearby pedestrians stopped to take pictures of our efforts. The purpose of the walkout is to show that students at Cerritos are aware of circumstances and as high school students we can … Continue reading 3/14 Walkout: A Success?

A few changes can improve grades

by NISA SYED Going into second semester can be bittersweet. It's the time to weigh losses from first semester, but its a clean slate that enables students to work harder. There are a lot of expectations second semester, but with a few fixes, it can be easier to handle. First, having a positive attitude enables … Continue reading A few changes can improve grades

Lessons from an opening night

by OLIVER CLARK Last Thursday opened "The Last Jedi," and I was there to see the second installment to the newest trilogy first-hand. It was an exciting night, but due to my many mistakes, it was also a stressful one. But with every mistake comes a life lesson, and as Yoda says: "Pass on what … Continue reading Lessons from an opening night

Estrada shines at wrestling

by GUS ESPINOZA Senior Desiree Estrada is one of our school's standout athletes.  As a member of the CHS Girls’ Wrestling team, Estrada has gained a solid reputation in league matches for the skills she executes on the mat.  The uniqueness of a sport like wrestling is the individually challenge in presents when it's just … Continue reading Estrada shines at wrestling

A Double-Double with…hot cocoa?

by SHREYA SHANTHARAJ and ANNIE LIN To many of us living on the West Coast, In-N-Out has served as a staple in our diets for years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many were shocked when the company announced its newest addition to the menu: hot cocoa. Even more noteworthy is the fact that there hasn’t … Continue reading A Double-Double with…hot cocoa?

Trick or Treat, give me 840 hot dogs to eat

by ANASTASIA HAN Sweaty hands in gloves were set to make 840 hot dogs from 3:30pm to 5:00pm inside Artesia Park’s kitchen on Halloween. The trains of aluminum foil never ceased to end until the enormous plastic bags of buns were empty. Mountains of steaming sausages piled onto large, deep, silver trays and were placed … Continue reading Trick or Treat, give me 840 hot dogs to eat

Armstrong in China back in the day

by GUSTAVO ESPINOZA  Cerritos High history teacher Steven Armstrong was fully aware of what sort of new world he was entering when he crossed into Hong Kong to teach in August of 1982. After decades of isolation, the most exotic part of the Far East had opened.   “Everyday, living in China was fascinating and … Continue reading Armstrong in China back in the day

Stories behind a teacher’s desk

by NISA SYED The common notion is that relationships are built by communication. Socializing is a fundamental part for the majority, without a doubt.  Making conversation with our teachers is easier for some, difficult for others. Situations vary between teachers and students; it can be  easier to have “real talk” with a teacher when a … Continue reading Stories behind a teacher’s desk

Student feature: Nethmi D’Alwis

by SETU PATEL The Distinguished Young Women Program, also known as DYW, was first founded in 1958 to honor high-school girls by rewarding them with scholarships for college. This year's Cerritos-Artesia DYW competition was held on Sunday, April 30, at Whitney High School. At that competition, Senior Nethmi D’Alwis won the official title and proceeded … Continue reading Student feature: Nethmi D’Alwis

Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey

by DEVINA MUNI TreAna Marbrey (still known by many as Ms. Hundley) is a fun, puppy-loving, caring counselor and track coach here at Cerritos High. Her passion for running dates back to her four years of track while attending Gahr High School, where she was also homecoming queen her freshman year. Marbrey grew up the … Continue reading Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey

Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through

by ANASTASIA HAN Teachers always hear the “I left it at home” and “I forgot,” but on occasion they hear completely absurd excuses. Throughout their careers, teachers encountered interesting and ludicrous responses to students’ absences, tardies, and homework. English teacher Mr. Hind, discussed a particular student who did not do his homework in a previous school … Continue reading Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through