How we study matters

By Mia Donatucci and Rihaan Raj Whether it’s our teachers, peers, or parents, we have all heard that studying is important for our education. As students, we know that good grades are vital to graduate high school and to get into college. However, some students don’t seem to utilize this skill. There can be countless … Continue reading How we study matters

Video games: how much is too much?

By: Elianna Alcantar Vega, Zyra Urfano, and Asheley Wi Popular and ever-growing, video games have caught the attention of millions of people worldwide, especially teenagers. Games such as Minecraft, Rocket League, CSGO, Fortnite, League of Legends, Animal Crossing have been designed to capture a lot of attention and time from users. But, what really makes … Continue reading Video games: how much is too much?