Opinion: ‘Mentally Unstable’ not good enough

by IRIS LIN Another school shooting on the news.  Pictures of victims and heroic stories of saviors.  A sad loss of innocent lives at the hands of a cruel, psychotic teenager.  Right?  Wrong. Stop simply labeling kids as “mentally unstable” when the news doesn’t tell the full story and no one cares enough to find … Continue reading Opinion: ‘Mentally Unstable’ not good enough

Healthy mind, healthy life

by BRIANNA KATSUDA  Rising numbers of high school students are experiencing anxiety and depression from increasing pressures from school, family, and social media. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 2 million teenagers in the United States are experiencing depression that affects their day-to-day activities and 6.3 million have an anxiety disorder. … Continue reading Healthy mind, healthy life