Best friends lead Octagon

IMG_7260by Isabella Garcia

Imagine running a club with your best friend; wouldn’t that be an ideal situation? Well, it’s a reality for Gizelle Verduzco and Aline Pham. After personally getting to know both of these bright young ladies, one can see that their friendship is one that’s going to make it in the long run. They have been by each other’s side through everything. Although they are best friends, Their backgrounds and personalities are very different but, they do compliment each other.

Aline Pham, president of Octagon, has a bright future ahead of her. Her passions include traveling, discussing social and political issues, and eating Thai food with boba.  She aspires to be a teacher at the elementary level because according to her, “Helping kids is what I want to do with my life. It’s a passion that I want to pursue.” Aline decided to join octagon because “It’s name sounded cooler than that of other clubs; and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school. I got to meet so many new people while doing fun community service.” There are many things you need to take account of as a leader So, extra help is needed. Luckily, Vice President Gizelle Verduzco is there to provide the second opinion that is needed.

Vice president Gizelle Verduzco is as important as the president. They work with each other constantly and help the club grow together as a whole. Verduzco not only shows dedication to Octagon, but she also dedicates herself fully to school as well. Since she lives in Riverside, which is at least an hour away.

“I wake up at five in the morning to get to school; I’ve been doing it since i was in pre-k.”

It is rare to see this kind of dedication to school, especially at the high school level, as oftentimes work habits tend to decline. Surely, after high school her leadership skills will come into play and help her lead amazingly with whatever her future holds.The reason she joined because she “loves the rush you get when helping someone. You never know how you are going to contribute.”

Octagon provides a way for you to go and help out the community along with creating unforgettable bonds. With the opportunity to run the club together, Octagon is well managed and willing to help the community by simply passing out food in front of ralph’s or organize pancake breakfast for softball teams. With octagon providing the opportunity to get service hours, this is definitely a chance that you want to take.

Are you a freshman and want to join Octagon? Want to start something new and make great memories at the same time? Well, Octagon leaders, Gizelle Verduzco and Aline Pham are here to here to help guide students to get community service hours and help make memories that will last a lifetime! With Club week coming soon, participating in a new club can be daunting; however, new adventures will help you learn and grow as a person.

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