Club Spotlight: Black Student Union


Pictured: Officers Michael Anaya, Kennedy Howell, Myra Anigbo, Audrey Anigbo, Gyasi Harper, Brooklyn Kemp Advisors: Mrs. TreAna Marbrey, Mr. Joshua Calhoun

By Chinemerem Nwanze

Cerritos High School has always promoted diversity, so it is no surprise that a Black Student Union finally exists to educate students on African-American culture and to encourage discussion. Mrs. Marbrey and Mr. Calhoun, who are the advisors of the club, want students to know that maintaining Black Student Union will be a huge responsibility. “My ultimate goal is to push students to follow through. I know I’m an advisor; but I want to support, not take charge,” said Mrs. Marbrey.

Black Student Union is open to all students; however, the club will focus on speaking about issues that affect Black/African-American people and showcasing the Black/African-American culture on our campus. “I want students who are a part of this club to learn about the contributions that African Americans have made to society,” said Mr. Calhoun. The first way that Black Student Union plans to start off their mission is by hosting a movie night on Tuesday, October 23, at Harkins Theater. Students will have the opportunity to watch The Hate U Give, a movie about police brutality based on a book of the same name written by Angie Thomas. Following the movie night, there will be a group dialogue about the movie’s themes.

Ultimately, Black Student Union is going to be an outlet for students to talk about topics that might be a little out of their comfort zones and will bring awareness to CHS. “I hope we create a sense of unity,” said Junior Audrey Anigbo. “I know that we’re going to break down barriers, destroy stereotypes, and get the representation we’ve always wanted,” said Junior Myra Anigbo.

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