Opinion: Finals should be before Winter Break

BY Devina Muni

2:45. The last bell before the start of winter break rings. Everyone is ecstatic, including teachers, to enjoy the next two weeks off. A time to spend with loved ones while taking a mental break from all the pressure and work at school. If this is what break is supposed to feel like, then why is Winter Break not truly a break? Due to finals occurring at the end of January, teachers have a set curriculum to complete in a certain amount of time, leaving them no choice but to assign work over the holidays. Unfortunately this leads a break filled with endless projects and homework assignments defeating the whole purpose of having a break before school.

Even worse, many students spend their breaks working, prepping for the SAT, learning how to drive, or applying to college. All of this combined with school work makes many students think there is no point in having a break. To top it off, students are burdened with countless exams after returning to school just before they have another stressful week of finals.

If finals took place before break, a majority of stressors can be alleviated. By completing finals beforehand, students can actually enjoy break without having to worry about their grades or assignments due when they return to school. Additionally, it gives them time to focus on their extracurriculars outside of school. For teachers, they don’t have to worry about grading papers or figuring out how to end the semester. Coming back from the new years, students can actually say new semester, new me. It is a chance to have a better semester after refreshing your mind and reflecting on the year. It is hard to start over when students are still stressing about their unfinished semester. This causes more strain on them and decreases their morale to try harder in school. Many high schools and colleges around the U.S. end their semester before break so why shouldn’t we?

If completing everything in the curriculum is a problem, then our school should adjust its school days. Maybe school can start earlier and end earlier so first semester ends before break, and second semester begins immediately after break. That way our summers aren’t compromised and our breaks are truly breaks. By having finals before break, everyone can have a stress free, rejuvenating winter break to prepare us to come back refreshed and mentally stronger. With all of these benefits, there is no reason why finals should be dragged on till after break.

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