Dons Football joins new 605 League

image1 (1)

by Juelle Ford

Cerritos High School’s varsity football team has stepped into a new league this year, now competing with an entirely new set of teams. The team is led by its new captains Jayden Alderete (11), Tye Anderson (12), Alex Flores (12), and Matt Ryan (12). Joining a new  league gives the team newfound hope for building confidence against a new group of competitors .

The Dons actually moved down a league, no longer facing longtime rivals such as the Gahr Gladiators. So, what opportunities do the Dons have? This league is a more suitable competition for the team, within the similar skill levels, allowing the large amount underclassmen players to boost their confidence and improve their skill while allowing the seniors a chance to finish their high school careers with a bang.

This year is starting off strong, as Cerritos high is 32nd in the state of California and one of our captains, Tye Anderson, is 13th in the state for touchdowns. These statistics haven’t been seen for quite a while in at Cerritos.

“I feel like we have a new look. The team finally has a clean slate and now we leave the losses we’ve been through in the past,” Senior Tye Anderson said.
The team has played fairly well so far, winning two of the four league games. The team has employed new tactics along with utilizing more underclassmen starters like sophomore quarterback “Quick Nick” Litell and receiver Chaz Sanchez (WR), who have already shown promise, both aiding and scoring many of the points in the games.

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