The Dada Podcast: An Experience of Happiness and Tranquility

By Zyra Danielle Urfano

Two women from Ireland partnered up to provide a platform where they discuss their everyday life and give helpful tips that may be beneficial to the community. Moya Mawhinney and Lauren Fitzpatrick are two university students who decided to create a podcast which revolves around the idea of “wine chats,” where they talk about a wide variety of topics. This idea of “wine chats” is what actually sparked their podcast name and theme in the first place. The Dada podcast is actually named after one of the famous wines known as Dada Malbec. 

Embracing a safe and calm environment for their listeners constructs a comfortable aura surrounding their podcast. The tone of their voices seems to portray an inviting and welcoming atmosphere which results in the attraction of their podcast to many. Through the comforting and soothing sound of the words they articulate to the topics they discuss and converse about, make it easy to genuinely enjoy what is being said in the podcast. The conversations that they have with one another allow you to feel as though you are also a part of their discussion; it is somewhat like hanging out with your close group of friends at lunch discussing what may have occurred during your day or at a sleepover where you’re conversing in the latest gossip.             

What they say easily flows. Nothing that has been posted thus far made it seem as though what they’ve been discussing was forced or they were uninterested about the topic and only participating and posting the podcast for the sake of it. The way they speak shines light towards the passion and energy that is present throughout their whole conversation.           

Without the action of fully investing your intelligence and brain power into it, you’re given the chance to completely immerse in the “technical” company that is present. This podcast is something that can be listened to after a long and exhausting day or to eliminate the quietness that may be engulfing your surroundings. As mentioned before, they are both from Ireland, thus accounting for the Irish accent that can be heard when they speak. Their accent adds to the persona and character. It may be because of the abundance of people in my surroundings that speak with an American accent, thus making it intriguing in my perspective when hearing them converse with an Irish accent, even about the most general ideas. It is entrancing hearing what they say and how particular words are pronounced with the slightest change. There’s a spark within this podcast that brings warmth and happiness when listening to it. 

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