Chicken Vs. 치킨


It’s that time of year when we eat with our families and engage in the many questions about our lives that no one wants to answer. Such things can lead to the casual family arguments or something that can turn ugly. But, Thanksgiving foods, make it all worthwhile! Turkey, Mashed potatoes, and ham are just some of the foods that we can’t wait to feast on! However, what is most savoring, most delightful is the chicken. Chicken is the meal that’s like a cherry on top of an ice cream. But, many people prefer different type of chicken and what if the chicken you get could spark another family argument? No worries! I am here to inform you on two local chicken places and tell you if American or Korean chicken is better.

For the two chicken places being compared, I choose chicken from Louisiana Fried Chicken to represent the classic american chicken and Kokio Chicken to represent homemade Korean chicken. These two places were selected based off of popularity and based off of the relevance of the two restaurant locations.

The first thing one notices when entering the Kokio Chicken is how well it is organized and peaceful it feels. “This place would be a great place to take your family and enjoy a quick meal of chicken!” my brother said right as he entered the restaurant. We ordered the chicken and was told that it would take about 18 minutes for the chicken to be done which ended up taking about 25-30 minutes. When we got the chicken we took it to go and headed our way to Louisiana Fried Chicken.

Once we got to Louisiana Fried chicken, we noticed the place was more run down than Kokio. This is not a place to eat with your families but taking it to go only took about 5-10 minutes, which was a plus for us. When comparing the prices of the chicken from both places Kokio cost about $21 because I ordered a half and half order of two different types of chicken while Louisiana came to be around $14 for about eight pieces of chicken with a side of fries (fries are not included in this review). So, now that we know the prices, what about the taste?

This was the best part of the the competition between the two restaurants. To refer to the picture above, the chicken on the right (Louisiana) came with no extra condiments while the chicken on the left (Kokio) came with some fruit and lettuce.  So, when you order chicken from Kokio, you do get more for your money. As me and my family tried Kokio chicken first, we noticed that the skin had a darker appearance than the Louisiana chicken. It also had a sweet taste, especially when we tried the honey chicken. (the honey chicken is not taken into account because it is a completely different type of chicken). Then, it came with a sweet sauce that made the chicken taste better but, I am solely comparing the taste of the chicken. “The sauce made the chicken taste better, it was bland before!” as my mom took another bite of the chicken. Then we all moved on to the Louisiana chicken to taste.

As we observed the chicken together the chicken’s skin was perfectly crisp and had a nice golden color to it. This added more flavor to the chicken, as if it even needed anymore flavor. Louisiana’s fried chicken has bite that added the perfect kick to the chicken. “Louisiana is the one to go with.  Hand me another.” as my Dad is stuffs his face with chicken. Although you get more for your money buying Kokio chicken, it did not have the flavor that Louisiana Fried Chicken had.

WINNER: Louisiana Fried Chicken

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