Business Feature: What’s a phone without its case?

 By Zyra Danielle Urfano

The creativity and personality of a certain individual can be expressed in many ways, either in the art they create, the music they listen to, or the clothes they wear.  Certain details within someone’s life can portray the most about who they are and what they may like. One of the most prominent ways this can be shown is through phone cases. Picking and choosing certain brands, colors, designs, etc. in order to customize your case to truly feel as though it belongs and is made just for you. 

Jamie Rigor, a current junior here at Cerritos High School, started her own small business in the month of October which specializes in creating and customizing phone cases to your own heart’s desire. Because of her interests in the business/entrepreneurship field, she believed that starting a small business would be the very best way to get a head start into this occupational pathway. Plus, seeing videos of others also making and selling phone cases inspired her to give it a try as well. However not everything was set into place when she started, it became a gradual learning process for her. From the start, there was an abundance of research that had to be conducted to plan out how to begin her business journey and the search to find the required materials. “Although, I didn’t give up, so I moved on to the next store until my materials were complete.” Going through and checking each and every store due to the fact that some of the items she needed were not available, however, this did not phase her and she refused to give up. 

Known as @coveredbyj_ on instagram, she takes custom orders and requests through this social media platform. She provides personalized cases in a variety of phone types so she is able to cater to everyone’s demands. When creating these cases, there is so much that can be done on an empty slate. For Jamie, she thoroughly enjoys indulging in the art and creativity that this action involves, either searching for specific pictures that truly represent someone’s personality; what they love, what they’re interested in, or how they can be expressed through a single image and to transfer it to these empty, vacant cases. 

With about 3.5 million cases present in California alone, it can be difficult and challenging for many small businesses to adapt to these certain situations. Through new rules and regulations for the safety of every individual, these businesses can be limited to what they can be able to do now compared to life before the virus. However, due to the fact that Jamie’s business mainly operates through the use of the internet, she was part of the few who weren’t entirely affected by the circumstances of Covid, it has only restricted her from speaking and advertising her businesses to family and friends in-person. “I wouldn’t say the pandemic affected my business because it motivated me to become more creative. I used that creativity to design unique phone cases,” Jamie says. Actually, during this time with Covid-19 is when she began her business, making it easier her for her to adapt and understand what needs to be done in order to comply with the restrictions in place compared to many other businesses who were present before Covid and had to adjust to what is now viewed as the new normal.  Starting her business only four months ago, she is still on the road to improving and expanding this to a larger scale. There are many goals she hopes to accomplish and achieve to further the success of her small business. As of now, she only ships these cases within the United States or provides meet-ups that comply with the Covid-19 regulations within the area, but hopes to one day be able to ship internationally. “My dream is to ship my phone cases worldwide.” As said before, as the cases of Covid continue to rise and restrictions remain strict in order to attempt to alleviate the growing amount, businesses are one of the main factors that have been affected by this. Therefore, supporting Jamie can be conducted through ordering a case through her instagram or simply spreading the name of her business and what it specializes in to gain more traction and attention towards it.

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